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Learn About Blues

Want to learn more about blues dancing? Check out the blog posts below!

Teaching Dance

Want to learn more about teaching dance?  Check out these blog posts and resources!

Curriculum Development

Organizer Resources

Are you an organizer? Check out the resources below to help you organize better events!

Organizer Dinners

Every year, I organize an unofficial organizer dinner at bluesSHOUT! These are not affiliated with bluesSHOUT!, but are run with permission. The goal is to connect organizers from across the globe when we are all in the same spot so we can share information. Click below to learn more about the discussions from previous years and see the notes!

Blues Resources

This is a Google Drive folder I am curating with various documents of interest to blues dancers and organizers.  Some were created by me, but not all. This contains the notes for the organizer dinners (above), organizer chats (led by Victor Lane), amongst other things.

Other Resources

Dance Photographers and Videographers


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