Laura Chieko loves many things: tea, monkeys, and dance. Since 2006, Laura has trained in Lindy hop, balboa, and blues, and dabbled in a myriad of other dance styles. She is known for her grace, enchanting performance, and effortless following. A former musician, Laura likes to play with rhythms and has strong opinions about how clarinets should sound. Laura loves blues for its emphasis on connection and acknowledgment of the range of human emotion—from sorrow to joy. On the dance floor, she is best known for her poise, ability to rock the color orange, and occasionally winning things.

An educator in dance halls and traditional classrooms, Laura values student engagement and seeks to inspire the blues aesthetic from a solid understanding of body mechanics. She pulls from her wide cross training from music to human evolution to create classes accessible to a broad range of students. Learn more about her teaching experience here.

A yonsei Uchinanchu and Japanese American, Laura has access to multiple experiences.  Laura feels strongly about honoring the origins and culture of blues music and dance.  Blues was born from the struggle of Black Americans after the American Civil War, a struggle which continues to this day.

Laura believes that the best dancing comes from a strong community.  She works to create and share resources for dancers everywhere, and seeks to connect blues organizers around the world.

Competition Placements

2019 Placements

3rd placeBlues Muse Open Mix & Matchrotating partnersVideo

2018 Placements

2nd placeBluesGeek Advanced Idiom Mix and MatchRoss BlytheVideo
FinalistAustin Blues Party BYOP StrictlyAri Hausman-CohenVideo
3rd placebluesSHOUT! All-star StrictlyRoss BlytheVideo
3rd placeSweet Molasses Blues Advanced Mix and MatchRoss BlytheVideo
FinalistGreat Lakes Balboa Escape Amateur Shufflerotating partnersVideo
3rd placeBlues Muse Follower's Invitationalrotating partnersVideo
1st placeRose City Blues "Show Us Your Blues" StrictlyAri Hausman-CohenVideo
FinalistRose City Blues Solo Riffin' ContestVideo

2017 Placements

FinalistMo Better Blues All-star Jack and JillJeff SegalVideo
2nd placeSteel City Open Jack and JillJake Robbins-Spevack
3rd placebluesSHOUT! All-star Jack and JillDan LegenthalVideo
FinalistbluesSHOUT! All-star StrictlyClyde WrightVideo
FinalistbluesSHOUT! Solo CuttinVideo
1st placeBABBLE Triple Threat StrictlyRoss BlytheVideo
2nd placePBEx Bring the Heat Jazz CompetitionTaylor Bozarth
FinalistPBEx Bring the Heat Blues CompetitionDanielle Jacobowitz
2nd placeBlues Muse Jack Carey CompetitionRoss BlytheVideo
1st placeRose City Blues Mix and Match Competitionrotating partnersPart 1
Part 2
Part 3
FinalistRose City Blues Strictly CompetitionChris WellsPart 1
Part 2
Part 3
3rd placeRose City Blues Solo CompetitionPart 1
Part 2
FinalistSnowbound Blues Expert Mix and Match CompetitionJames Agena GeorgesVideo

2016 Placements

1st placeWinter Blues Open Jack and Jillrotating partnersVideo
1st placebluesSHOUT! All-star Jack and JillDamon StoneVideo
1st placeMile High Blues Open StrictlyClyde WrightVideo
FinalistNocturne Blues Open Jack and JillMarc LonghenryVideo
FinalistNocturne Blues Challenge StrictlyJohn Krieger-JovenVideo
2nd placeBlues Yourself Solo Riffin' Pro-AmDan Legenthal
2nd placeBlues Yourself Solo Insanity
FinalistBlues Yourself Open Solo
3rd placeBlues Muse Open Jack and JillChris CareyVideo
1st placeSnowbound Blues All-star StrictlyRoss BlytheVideo
FinalistLindy Focus XV Slow Dance ContestMickey FortanasceVideo

2015 Placements

3rd placeNocturne Blues Challenge StrictlyClyde WrightVideo
FinalistNocturne Blues Advanced Solo Riffin'Team DotVideo
2nd placeBambloozled Strictly Blues CompetitionBrian RichardsVideo
3rd placeBlues Muse Open Jack and JillAmos RoseVideo
FinalistSnowbound Blues All-star Jack and JillYoungdon KwonVideo

2014 Placements

FinalistEnter the Blues Open Jack and Jillrotating partners
1st placeBABBLE Blues Jack and Jillrotating partners
FinalistBABBLE Balboa Jack and Jillrotating partners
3rd placePortland Blues Experience Blues ContestBrian RichardsPart 1
Part 2
3rd placePortland Blues Experience Jazz ContestBrian RichardsPart 1
Part 2
Part 3
FinalistRhythm Shuffle Advanced Balboa StrictlyEric Zhang
1st placeBlues Muse Open Jack and JillForrest Rogers-Marcovitz
3rd placeRose City Blues Open Jack and JillBrandon IstenesVideo
FinalistMusic City Shuffle Amateur Balboa Jack and JillPatrick FreemanVideo
3rd placeSnowbound Blues Social Jack and JillNick DavisVideo
FinalistLindy Focus XIII Blues Late Night CompetitionBrian RichardsVideo

2013 Placements

FinalistGypsy Jam Lindy hop Jack and JillJeff Liu-Leyco


Lindy Focus XIII, The Amazebals, dancing with Andrew Willens — video
Coach Mickey Fortanasce

Bambloozled 2015, “Check Cashing Day”
Coach Jenny Sowden