Odysseus Bailer

Odysseus and Laura blend history and dance to shape an engaging experience on the dance floor. They have a passion for sharing more than just dance technique, Odysseus and Laura encourage personal expression and encourage their students to find their unique voice. If you like active, highly opinionated classes, then Odysseus and Laura are for you!

You can find them frequently teaching together in their home of New York City, or chatting for hours in their favorite diner. Together, Odysseus and Laura have taught at Friday Night Blues and Montreal Blues Bump.

Odysseus manages a Facebook discussion group where he shares information and resources about jazz and blues history and culture. This is a fantastic place to learn more and engage in thoughtful discussions about how we can share this important information with your own scene.

Odysseus’s bio

Odysseus Bailer has been partner dancing for 20 years in swing and blues. Besides participating in the dances he teaches, DJs and give lecture talks about the importance of the history and culture to which the music and dance originated. He is always eager and excited to share and pass down his knowledge and understanding to his students and fellow colleagues in the dance scene. Learn more about Odysseus by checking out his website!