Ross Blythe

Only one of them can be happy. Photo by Ben Hejkal

Though they live hundreds of miles apart, Ross and Laura conquer space and time to partner together! Both of them have trained in many movement styles, including Lindy hop and balboa. True triple threats, their cross-training informs both their dancing and their dance instruction. Ross and Laura like to ponder what makes a dance a dance and how to use techniques from other movement styles while still remaining true to a dance. On the dance floor, they are known for partnered body shaping and intricate rhythmic musicality.

Fueled by cross-training and lots of caffeine, Ross and Laura create thought-provoking and fun classes. They are so excited to teach with each other, they have a tendency to come up with over twice the material they need! Together Ross and Laura play off each other to cultivate a lively and inquisitive atmosphere.

Together, they have taught at the one and only Lonestar Strut and MezzJelly Blues NYC 2017, took 1st place at the Snowbound Blues 2016 All-Star Strictly1st place at the BABBLE X Triple Threat Strictly competition in blues, balboa, and Lindy hop, 2nd place in the Blues Muse 2017 Jack Carey Competition, and 3rd place in the bluesSHOUT! 2018 All-star Strictly.

Ross’s Bio

A favorite on the social floor for his rhythmic play and clear lead allowing for effortless follow expression, Ross inspires his partners and onlookers alike. His movement background in martial arts and sport fencing affords him a grounded strength and athletic balance, giving rise to precise, secure changes between shapes and directions. Ross was drawn to the blues idiom because of its emphasis on personal expression in relation to a partner and the breadth of tempo and style within blues music. As a teacher Ross builds layered classes to challenge all levels, balances technique with application, and chooses appropriate music to support each exercise. Met with overwhelming competitive success, Ross has placed 1st at a number of contests within the last two years: BluesSHOUT 2015 Open Strictly (Chicago, IL), North Star Blues 2016 JnJ (Minneapolis, MN), Austin Blues Party 2016 Social JnJ (Austin, TX), and Sweet Molasses Blues 2016 Advanced JnJ (Boston, MA). Learn more about Ross at!

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bluesSHOUT! 2018 All-star Strictly Spotlight

Blues Muse 2017 Jack Carey Comp Spotlight

BABBLE X Triple Threat Strictly

Snowbound 2016 All-Star Strictly

Instructor demo at Lonestar Strut 2016