Hear how previous students enjoyed Laura’s classes!

“Good teaching requires balance between several goals and concerns, and such balance seems to come very naturally to Laura. She’s professional without being overly formal. Class feels low-pressure while still covering a lot of ground. And she gives honest feedback without being discouraging or critical. Perhaps most importantly, Laura remains consistently warm and friendly once class is over, reminding students that they have entered a large, welcoming community that is happy to have them. I’m really looking forward to taking more classes with her.”

Annie Salorio, group lessons

“Laura Chieko is an amazing and caring teacher. Patient, informative and able explain things in simple concepts. She is flexible in her approach as well as understanding. At the end of learning from her, I find myself being able to figure out more ways to be able in which to improve my dancing overall. If you want a teacher who is very invested in your growth as a dancer, look no further. I am very grateful to her and consider her a very important teacher in my dance journey.”

Steven Plummer, private lessons

“Students who take Laura’s class can expect to be greeted with an upbeat, cheerful demeanor and clear, straightforward instruction. Laura takes great care in planning so that her students get the most out of their classes. Her focused, personalized feedback helps students identify the adjustments they can make that will lead to immediate improvements in technique.”

Adriana Arcia, group lessons

“Laura’s warm and inviting energy helps me to be unafraid to explore new movements and dance concepts. She has a very clear sense of how to deliver the material she’s working with so I never feel confused about what I’m try to do and explore. On top of that, she’s an excellent dancer, and one day I hope I can move half as well as she does!”

Virginia Jiminez, group lessons

“Laura is an exceptional instructor and dancer. Her class was fun, technical and her amazing energy was contagious. I enjoyed her class and pedagogical style.”

Galit Weinfeld, group lessons