Balboa at YSBD

All in-person classes at YSBD studios are suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out the information below on what you can look forward to once we get to the light at the end of the tunnel!

Laura teaches monthly progressive balboa classes at You Should Be Dancing..! Studios.

Balboa is a swing dance that developed in the late 20’s and early 30’s in Southern California. It was originally developed for crowded dance floors, emphasizing a close embrace, front-of-body connection, and fancy footwork. Balboa can be enjoyed to all tempos of swing music, though it is traditionally danced to Big Band era jazz. A repertoire of more open patterns evolved, which is now referred to as bal-swing. Today, dancers use a mix of both traditional balboa (known as “pure bal”) and bal-swing patterns.

Tuesday class schedule

7:30 pmBeginner: Fundamentals
8:30 pmAdvanced-Beginner: Technique Intensive

Both classes are progressive monthly series, monthly topics alternate between pure balboa and bal-swing. You are welcome to join for any month, just make sure to start at the beginning of the month!

Read the level descriptions below to check out the monthly topic schedule! Contact Laura if you have questions about which level is the right fit. If you are looking for more advanced classes, please check out the Intermediate and Advanced balboa classes taught by Yurina Shin and Chad Mills on Tuesdays at YSBD.

Beginner: Balboa Fundamentals

Balboa Fundamentals covers the basic step, close embrace, connection, and several important moves such as out and ins, shuffles, and toss outs.

This level is perfect for students new to balboa and students who are working on the balboa basic. This course should be taken until you are comfortable with all the material; once you are comfortable with the balboa basic you can take it in conjunction with the Balboa Technique Intensive at 8:30 pm.

Monthly topics

Pure Balboa: ad-libs and paddlesJanuaryMaySeptember
Bal-Swing: come arounds and toss outsFebruaryJuneOctober
Pure Balboa: shuffles and crab walksMarchJulyNovember
Bal-Swing: rotational out and insAprilAugustDecember

Advanced-Beginner: Balboa Technique Intensive

The Balboa Technique Intensive covers the foundations of several classic balboa moves which provide the basis for hundreds of variations! This class is the bridge between the beginner and intermediate classes, but this is also a great place for students to review the fundamental techniques of classic balboas moves.

This level is perfect for students who are confident in their balboa basic who are looking to perfect the foundations of classic balboa moves. Learned balboa a while back? Have a good basic but forgot half of a tossout? This is the place for you.

Monthly topics

Bal-Swing: crossover out and insJanuaryJuly
Pure Balboa: down-holds and simple pivotsFebruaryAugust
Bal-Swing: lollies and swivelsMarchSeptember
Pure Balboa: walks and dragsAprilOctober
Bal-Swing: come arounds and toss outsMayNovember
Slow BalboaJuneDecember